Everyday Magic: Future Attractions!

Writing is often described as a form of magic Рalchemy. Tor Udall spoke about writing in these terms just last weekend at the Festival of Writing. Something gets transformed, spun out of a few ingredients: pictures and sounds we hold in our mind, memories, yearnings, random happenings, pen and paper. The imagination is fed, and creates something. Yes, this really is magic.

Sometimes the imagination needs a spur, though, or to free itself of clutter or anxieties or other forms of self-consciousness, and this is why I have developed Four Elements workshops for writers keen to find fresh approaches in writing. Using Fire, Water, Earth, and Air for a framework of readings, reflections, and writing experiments, they are inspired by many things, such as mindfulness practices, tarot, and my practical understanding of publishing, but mostly they are fed by our love of books and stories and writing.

On Saturday 18 November, I am really excited to be collaborating with Kellie Jackson of Words Away to offer Everyday Magic: The Four Elements of Creativity as a one-day workshop at London Bridge Hive.

Kellie hosts, along with Emma Darwin, the very wonderful Words Away writers’ salons at the Teahouse Theatre in Vauxhall. This series has quickly established itself with engaging guests and a great crowd of regulars. Kellie is a lot of fun to work with, and we are excited about this workshop.

If you are in/near London, do think about coming along. We are hoping to get a good mix of people attending.

You can read some more about the inspirations for this workshop in this interview I did with Kellie.

And you can book a place here.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Magic: Future Attractions!

  1. Andrew is a wonderful teacher. I did a short version of this course a few years ago and would highly recommend it! Alas I’ll be travelling or I’d do it again!

    • Thank you for saying! I do love teaching this course. It’s evolved a bit since then – might even add some active doodling … There will be other offerings next year, I hope.

  2. You are the BEST! I wish I could be there. Can you do a web course someday? I’d love to take it. Right up my alley those elements, so I’d love to learn how to incorporate them into my own writing.

    • Some sort of online course would be great, yes! I’m thinking through a few things – how to make the most of the medium. I shall let you know!

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