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I work with writers on various types of imaginative storytelling – literary fiction, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, crime, thrillers, and popular fiction – as well as many areas of nonfiction, especially memoir, natural history, garden writing, travel, and history.

Services I offer include:

* Manuscript report/consultation
An editorial overview of content (story, concept and theme, character, setting, genre conventions), narrative style (structure, narration, point of view) and prose style and voice, as well as an assessment of potential readership and market. I often include suggestions for further reading and resources too.

* Editorial critique
Includes more detailed editorial notes, e.g., as notes and comments on the manuscript, or as a list of editorial queries, in addition to a manuscript report or consultation.

* Opening/interim review
A read of work-in-progress, with notes and/or a consultation discussing content, narrative style and voice, and readership and market. Useful for writers who’ve made a start on a project and want feedback on a section, e.g., the opening, along with the chance to talk through ways to progress.

* Style diagnostic
A close read of craft and technique for a sample of your writing, e.g., 10,000 words. Useful for writers who want to work on voice and narrative style.

* Submission review
Feedback on your cover letter, synopsis, and sample material before you submit them to agents or publishers.

* Editorial/publishing consultation
Would you like to brainstorm story concepts, character arcs, or narrative forms for your story, or talk through the potential readership or genre for your book? Or perhaps you’d like some advice on building your own course of studies in creative writing? Or might you want a professional view in talking through particular dealings with an agent or publisher? Or maybe you have some other editorial matter you’d like to discuss in more detail?

* Mentoring
A tailor-made programme to help you develop a specific project. Available as individual consultations, or as regular exchanges, e.g., every month for six months.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with details of your project as well as any questions and an indication of what you’re hoping to achieve, and I can provide you with further information about my editorial services as well as an indication of fees. As I work independently, I can tailor how I work according to the needs of specific writers, projects, and contexts; no editor can give quick fixes or blueprints for publication, but I try to raise matters that help writers take their work forward. Someone I recently worked with thanked me for asking ‘penetrating questions’ about their manuscript, and I take that as a compliment and also as a description of the work of a good editor or teacher.

If I am unable to help at this time or feel I am not the best match for this particular book, I can sometimes suggest alternative editors or services.