Friday Writing Experiment No. 47: Love Is Blind


Love makes the world go round, and it’s obvious to say that in one way or another it’s the foundation of much or even most literature: first love, adultery, lust, forbidden pleasures, star-crossed lovers. Consider how love features as a defining component of so many stories and poems.

For this week’s writing experiment, which falls on Valentine’s Day, simply write something that’s unabashedly about love. Maybe a Valentine serenade for your loved one, or a scene in which two lovers meet for the first time, or a stretch of dialogue that reacquaints long-lost lovers, or maybe a sequence of erotica in which two (or maybe more?!) characters fuck each other’s brains out.

That was it, originally, but that’s quite an open-ended brief. So if you want to make this more interesting, introduce a constraint: make/imagine one or both (or all!) of your lovers blind.

Find some inspiration among these poems listed at the Poetry Foundation. I particularly relished the bit in this feature on Queer Love Poems that mentions¬†the ‘ancient rowdy randy perverse pagan literary tradition’¬†taught at the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics.

Be randy, be romantic, be loving.

Happy Valentine’s Day!