It Gets Better

A lovely It Gets Better video from those good people at Hachette Books in the US. From CEO David Young:

What a privilege it is to be part of an industry that is, by and large, free of prejudice. Our industry is based on the telling of stories. These stories should help and inspire people, and I believe they will.

It was another lifetime, another century, but I wanted to note (and thank) my colleagues at Little, Brown UK (now part of Hachette too) for being so strong and supportive of all the gay-themed books I edited and published when I worked there. It did not really have to get much better there, because it was already pretty good to start with, and wasn’t really an issue: these were books with readers, and we published them, and sold them, and people read them. And then that makes a difference, we hope, in the world. It’s all a publisher could wish for.

So all credit to everyone at Little, Brown UK back then and now, as well as all those authors, agents, and other publishers, for being so no-nonsense, and being part of making that difference.

It Gets Better, And Better. (Today is my twenty-year anniversary of meeting my own husband. Yes, I’m going to say that rather than civil partner. That Gets Better too.)

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  1. Lovely to read this Andrew – and thanks and recognition should also go to you for discovering and supporting gay-themed books by such terrific writers as David Leavitt, Felice Picano and Paul Burston along with important memoirs such as Becoming a Man. And not forgetting the fabulousness that was RuPaul’s autobiography…!

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