Friday Writing Experiment No. 57: Off Your Chest


In another blog post this week, I write about shame – not so much a personal shame but a cultural one. It could just be wishy-washy liberal guilt, but writing (and sharing) this got something off my chest.

For this week’s writing experiment: get something off your chest. Consider something that gets you mad, makes you feel shame (either personally or politically), arouses your passions. An injustice, a cause, something political, something you give a shit about. Then get it off your chest.

Maybe try to avoid opining. Oh wait: maybe that’s not possible! Maybe just try to avoid whining, and micro-aggressions?!

Don’t worry about forming a coherent argument. I found it useful to use that form of a list of numbered points, joining them as dots.

Or you could write it as a letter.

Fire away!


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