I’ve organised various links and other resources into separate pages:

* Inspirations – links to advice on writing from the great and the good
* Writing Experiments – an index of writing exercises on this site and elsewhere
* Writing Resources – reading recommendations and useful links on writing
* Publishing Resources – links to advice on practical matters about publishing
* Suggestions For Self-Editing – practical tips and ideas for drafting and revising
* Revising: A Craft Checklist – some questions to ask of your writing
* Genre Resources – genre bodies and advice
* Networking For Writers – including links to bodies offering opportunities to writers

In addition, here is a list-in-progress of some of the posts on my blog that address specific topics:

* Tell Me A Story – on storytelling: showing and telling and narrating
* A Book Is Not A Film – more on narrating
* Learning And Studying And Writing: A DIY MA In Creative Writing – some ideas for assembling your own programme of studies in creative writing
* How To Write A Nonfiction Book Proposal
* Working With Feedback On Your Writing
* Rejected, Or Declined?
* When Does A Writer Need An Editor?
* Definitions of Editing: Structural Editing; Copyediting; Proofreading – a series of posts describing editing from the points of view of both writers and publishing professionals
* Food in Writing

Also take a look at these resources offered by some of my colleagues – tons of advice and fresh perspectives:

* Tool-Kit on the blog of Emma Darwin
Tips For Writers from Julie Cohen