Tips on writing
Ten Rules For Writing Fiction personal dos and don’ts from Geoff Dyer, Neil Gaiman, Hilary Mantel, Andrew Motion, Jeanette Winterson, and many others (via Guardian)
* So You Want To Be A Writer author-teachers reveal their advice to writers (via Guardian)
Writing Tips From The Masters (via Gotham Writers’ Workshop)
* W.G. Sebald’s Writing Tips, plus all that again and more on Sebald from Five Dials

Interviews with writers
* Paris Review interviews

Writing experiments and exercises
* Charles Bernstein’s Experiments
* Jack Collom’s brilliant Ecosystem Of Writing Ideas
* Allen Ginsberg’s Mind Writing Slogans
* Jack Kerouac’s Essentials Of Spontaneous Prose and Belief & Technique For Modern Prose
* Bernadette Mayer’s Writing Experiments
* A page of links for writing experiments I’ve developed myself.
* DIY: write your own exercises. Task yourself on them, and trade them with your friends.

* And join or start a writing group. Get your writing read by other writers and readers: it can only gain from it (though do be careful about the committee mindset that can develop: you can’t please everyone). If you are interested in being published, be aware that writing that has been tried on good readers is writing that has a greater chance of being published.